Welcome to The Royal Pathways Inc.  ---   Reclaiming Love and Compassion

The Royal Pathways Inc. directs all its efforts to be a leading example in society; love and compassion are the reasons this has come to be.

To build a Richer Life, please enjoy our Educational Seminars and Enrichment Courses, designed to serve the community.

We invite you to explore our website to discover how Wisdom, ancient healing, and natural wellness will compliment your life style.
Please join us on “The Royal Pathway” to a Richer and Fuller Life!

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Our History

Wisdom instruction began in the 1980’s and in the 1990’s “Pathways Canada” was established. Now known as The Royal Pathways, Inc., the company is continuously advancing by offering a wide variety of Educational Services to clients nationally and internationally.


Our Branches

In 1996, a class division of The Royal Pathways, Inc. emerged in New Jersey. The School of Royal Yoga, Inc. opened its doors to serve the community through Classes and Instructor Certification Courses.  The School of Royal Yoga tripled in expansion by opening branches in California, Georgia, Massachusetts as well as the founding of a non-profit branch called The Center for Special Needs. The focus of The Center for Special Needs is on selfless service and instructing specialized Yoga curriculums for people of all ages, levels of physical and economic ability.